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Why do I need a Home Roof Warranty?

Buyers & Sellers

Peace of Mind ? Don’t be inconvenienced by unexpected service repairs. Let HRW provide peace of mind should there be a problem. A phone call is all it takes!

Convenience – No need to search for a qualified technician, you make one call & HRW will dispatch to your home a qualified technician to evaluate your repair needs.

Affordable ? HRW plans allow you to budget for other items in your home. There are no unexpected, out of pocket expenses for roof repairs. All you pay is a one time, low, trade call fee.

The coverage you need to protect yourself against sudden, unexpected repair bills.

Home Owners

Coverage is available to all homeowners ? HRW warranties can be included in the sale transactions of resale homes. Previously, this protection has never been offered in the ‘classic’ home warranty available to potential buyers or sellers.

Now, HRW offers coverage to all homeowners, regardless of when you bought your home.

Benefits of a Home Roof Warranty ? With a Home Roof Warranty, you don’t have to worry about finding an honest, qualified repair company…we send HRW professionals to tackle the job. AND…you don’t have to worry about the bill…with HRW, you only pay a small trade call fee!

Real Estate Professionals

A home roof warranty program offering simple, affordable coverage for unexpected, costly repairs.

Experienced real estate professionals know? When you sell a previously owned home, the buyer will likely suffer a mechanical system or roofing/general maintenance breakdown during the first year of ownership.

You can protect your clients & your professional reputation by making sure every home you sell is protected by a HRW plan.

HRW gives potential buyers a ‘security blanket’ against unforeseen problems. With a Home Roof Warranty plan, the seller or your potential buyer will not have to worry about who to call for service or how much it costs!

Benefits Galore! ? HRW becomes your ‘third-party’ complaint department…making your life easier. Our commitment to service is proven through our consistency & professionalism.

You can pass on the security to your potential buyers. By securing a warranty with HRW, you are ensuring the most important part of their new home – THE ROOF!

HRW is perhaps the seller’s best marketing tool. It gives a home a valuable edge over other homes on the market. Go further than your competition, insure that your customers home is protected with an Home Roof Warranty and increase your sales!

>How to get started ? We make it easy for you. Order a warranty plan for your client over the phone, fax, mail or e-mail. We can also provide you with helpful tools & marketing materials to help you sell homes, protect your reputation by reducing after-sale liability.

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