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Residential FAQ’s

What is a Home Roof Warranty? ? When buying a new home, you are always covered with a full warranty on your purchase. If you are buying a home that is not covered under the ‘new home’ warranty, you often purchase a policy for any mechanical or foundation problems.

Companies that offer these policies DO NOT include roofs in their warranties! HRW is the first to offer this policy.

If you are a homeowner who is trying to sell you house, this is a perfect tool to entice your buyer.

What is the cost for a Home Roof Warranty? ? The basic coverage is available for one, two or three years. Follow the links below for more detailed information on each plan.

  • Silver Plan – one year coverage
  • Gold Plan – two years coverage
  • Platinum Plan – three years coverage

What will I pay the service technician for coming out and doing the repair? ? The HRW service fee is only $60.00 per event. Imagine what the costs would be without a Home Roof Warranty!

Will HRW replace the whole roof if it is leaking?? No. The Home Roof Warranty covers leaks only, not the whole roof. We are specialists in all types of roofing and general maintenance repairs. We work closely with insurance companies and can assist you with the insurance claim process.

What are some things that are not covered by a Home Roof Warranty? Acts of God: fire, flood, lightning, freeze etc. Code violations, abuse, neglect or improper use. We will be happy to assist you in any needs you may have to repair any damage for any reason. We will offer you a discounted rate for any work needed that is not covered under your warranty. Again, we work very closely with insurance companies to help you in these situations.

How quickly will service be rendered when a problem occurs? ? In an emergency, our technicians will be there as soon as possible. On a non-emergency call, we will make an appointment at your convenience.

How soon does coverage begin and how will I contact HRW if there is a problem? ? As soon as you submit your first payment, coverage begins. We can be reached via phone or email.

Realtor FAQ’s

Why does your Seller need a Home Roof Warranty? ? HRW is the sellers best marketing tool. It gives the property a valuable edge over other homes on the market. It gives potential buyers a ‘security blanket’ against unforeseen problems.

A Home Roof Warranty can be part of your negotiation process. Offering this warranty in the sale of the home can often persuade the buyer to make the purchase.

Why does your Buyer need a Home Roof Warranty? ? The buyer will have peace of mind…moving into their new home knowing that the roof is covered with an outstanding warranty.

Every buyer should request a roof warranty be included as part of the sale. One company and one call is all the buyer will need should there be a problem or a claim. HRW will be assigned to the home from the first day of closing.

As an agent, why should you offer roof warranties to your clients?? If a home is more marketable, there is no out of pocket expense and both buyer & seller have coverage….why not offer this to your clients?

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